An award was established in Dnipro in honor of a teacher who died at the front

In Dnipro, a prize was established in honor of a teacher who died on the front.
In Dnipro, a prize was established in honor of a teacher who died on the front. Ukraine news 07 May 2023 at 15:46

In Dnipro, they have initiated an award in honor of the teacher from the Information Technology Lyceum (LIT), Serhiy Stolbtsov, who died on the front lines. The award will be given to teachers for professional achievements and to students for victories in nationwide and regional Olympiads.

The award was created to encourage students to study and support them. Elena Sosyedka, the initiator of the award, said, "We decided to award the graduates of the Information Technology Lyceum. They are our future elite. During the war, we want to emphasize that we see and notice them (the children), and thus provide them with support." The award will be given to students who have become winners and prize-winners of nationwide and regional Olympiads in various subjects, are members of the Small Academy of Sciences (MАN), and also to teachers of the institution who have achieved the greatest professional success during the school year.

The lyceum students not only participate in subject Olympiads but also in various profile competitions and contests, said the director of the lyceum, Iryna Maloiavan. "For two years in a row, our students have been participating in the international student Olympiad organized by Stanford. This year, we had a very powerful team, and two of our students received invitations to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to work with the faculty and graduate students of the institution based on the results of their participation in such an Olympiad," said Iryna Maloiavan.

The award is named after the geography teacher, Serhiy Stolbtsov, who died in the war. Lyceum students say that he was not just a teacher but also a true friend who could always provide support and share his experience.

"His favorite phrase was about the fact that there are no perfect people in the world, there are perfect intentions. He was indeed a motivator, he conducted lessons so interestingly that students did not want to leave the classroom. He could provide support in difficult moments, share his experience, give useful advice, do almost everything needed to support a student, give him some knowledge that could go beyond the school curriculum," said the lyceum student, Danilo Nosov.

He attributes his success in the geography Olympiad to Serhiy Stolbtsov. During the first solemn award ceremony, 35 teachers received the award. Also, 38 lyceum students received rewards. The size of the award ranges from 2,500 to 3,700 hryvnias depending on the level of victory and the level of the Olympiad. There is also a grant program for graduates. The funds can only be spent on educational and training programs.


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