Training of assistants of veterans has started in Vinnytsia

Training of assistants of veterans has started in Vinnytsia
Training of assistants of veterans has started in Vinnytsia Ukraine news 25 Aug 2023 at 14:30

Today, on August 25th, in Vinnytsia, professional training for veterans' assistants has begun. These are individuals who have successfully passed the testing and interviews. Now, they will start their specialized training at the Center for Veterans' Development, established at Vinnytsia National Technical University, as reported on the Vinnytsia City Council website.

Currently, 20 individuals have been invited for training. They will undergo an intensive three-week course, with six training days per week. This includes both practical and theoretical training sessions. During this time, future veterans' assistants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for their new profession.

Today, Igor Palianytsia, a displaced person from Kherson who now resides in Vinnytsia and works in the Municipal Guard, visited the Center for Veterans' Development. The 29-year-old has a disability of the II degree due to the war.

"For veterans, employment is very important. It is a necessary stage for psychological rehabilitation. Then a military veteran returns to society and does not feel abandoned, which unfortunately often happens to us. It is necessary to understand that as a result of the war, many people will have injuries. These people need help. And since I have gone through this path myself, I will quickly find common ground and be able to help," says Igor.

After completing the training, candidates will take exams and will ultimately receive relevant certificates. Later, they will have the opportunity to be employed at the Service Center for Veterans' Assistants, which was established based on the decision of the city council session on August 25th and operates under the Vinnytsia City Center for Social Services.

"We are looking forward to our veterans who are willing to help their colleagues after returning from the war," noted Natalia Dobrovolska, the director of the Vinnytsia City Center for Social Services


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