The first armored 'ambulance,' purchased with UNITED24 funds, has arrived in Ukraine

The first armored
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The first armored 'ambulance,' purchased with UNITED24 funds, has arrived in Ukraine Ukraine news 22 Sep 2023 at 19:00

The first armored ambulance, purchased with funds from 'Medical Procurements of Ukraine' as part of the UNITED24 initiative (with a total cost of 9,532,000 hryvnias), has already arrived in Ukraine. In total, 13 such ambulances have been procured, with a total cost of 124 million hryvnias. These vehicles are designed for evacuating wounded individuals by medics from the frontlines to the nearest medical facilities. Each ambulance is armored and meets NATO ballistic standards, specifically STANAG 4569 Level II.

Among the features of these vehicles are their 'auto-inflating' tires, which means that if the tire loses pressure due to a special design, the speed can vary from 50 to 150 km/h (depending on the vehicle's weight and road quality). In practical terms, this means that if a tire is punctured by shrapnel, the ambulance won't become stranded in the field during attacks. Additionally, these vehicles are all-wheel drive and can navigate rough, war-damaged roads.

It's worth noting that these armored ambulances were custom-made in Canada. As soon as the other vehicles from the batch are ready, they will be transported to Ukraine.

"Today, thanks to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's fundraising initiative UNITED24, Ukraine has received its first armored ambulance for the evacuation of the wounded. A total of 13 have been procured. I want to thank everyone who supports us during this challenging time of full-scale war. Your donations are important, and without exaggeration, they save the lives of Ukrainians. These armored 'ambulances' will allow us to do this even more effectively by evacuating the wounded from the hottest frontlines. The number of such vehicles in the world is very limited, so they had to be specially made to order," says Health Minister Viktor Lyashko.

To remind you, another 15 ambulances for emergency medical care, purchased with funds raised through the UNITED24 initiative, have been sent to emergency medical and disaster medicine centers in the Kyiv, Cherkasy, Lviv, Volyn, and Chernivtsi regions."


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