11 dead, 36 injured: the consequences of the Russian night attack on Kryvyi Rih

11 dead, 36 injured: the consequences of the Russian night attack on Kryvyi Rih
11 dead, 36 injured: the consequences of the Russian night attack on Kryvyi Rih Ukraine news 13 Jun 2023 at 20:00

The leaders of the region, along with Deputy Head of the Office of the President Oleksiy Kuleba and Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klymenko, visited the site of the tragedy in Kryvyi Rih, where Russian rockets struck during the night. This information was reported by the Dnipro Regional Administration.

"It's another terrorist act by the Russians. They can't win on the battlefield, so they are fighting against civilians. Today, at 03:10, a rocket hit a five-story building in Kryvyi Rih. Municipal services, transport, local and regional authorities, the State Emergency Service, police, and volunteers are all working together," emphasized Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klymenko.

A point was set up in the city to receive reports of damaged property. Ordinary residents of Kryvyi Rih are providing essential items for those affected by the rocket attacks. International charitable organizations have also deployed humanitarian missions in the area.

"The elimination of the consequences of the attack on Kryvyi Rih is under the control of the Head of State and myself. First and foremost, it's about helping people. We will handle this. We will rebuild and support. The greatest tragedy is the loss of 11 lives. Tomorrow will be a day of mourning in the city. The families of the deceased can count on financial assistance from the region, amounting to 300,000 hryvnias," said Sergiy Lysak, Head of the Dnipro Regional Administration.

He added that after assessments are conducted, it will be clear whether the badly damaged multi-story building can be restored. For now, buildings nearby are being covered with plastic film and wooden boards to seal broken windows.

"The residents of the damaged five-story building are provided with everything they need - food, medical assistance, and essential items," said Mykola Lukashuk, Chairman of the Dnipro Regional Council.

Over fifty emergency responders were working at the scene, and in the first minutes following the attack, they managed to save 12 people. In total, 36 people were affected during the mass rocket attack on Kryvyi Rih, with 12 hospitalized and 10 in critical condition. Tragically, 11 people lost their lives.


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