They did not share the salary: in Pavlograd, a man beat an acquaintance to death

A dispute over salary sharing led to a fatal beating in Pavlohrad, Ukraine
A dispute over salary sharing led to a fatal beating in Pavlohrad, Ukraine Ukraine news 08 May 2023 at 15:16

On May 8th at five o'clock in the morning, a report was received by the police stating that a man's body with physical injuries had been found on the city beach in May 1st Park.

The police press service of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast reports, "It was determined that the man's death occurred as a result of a head injury. Law enforcement officers identified the deceased. He was a 44-year-old local resident. During investigative actions, the police identified and interviewed acquaintances of the deceased. Surveillance camera footage was also reviewed, and residents of the area were questioned."

Law enforcement officers established that a 40-year-old acquaintance of the victim was involved in the crime. They were working together on renovations in one of the apartments. On May 7th, the men were returning from work, and a conflict arose between them regarding the distribution of money for the work performed. The argument escalated into a fight during which the attacker struck the victim more than 10 times on the head. During a search at the suspect's place of residence, clothing with traces of blood was found and confiscated for forensic examination. The law enforcement officers detained the suspect under Article 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

On May 8th, investigators from the Pavlohrad Police Department, with the approval of the district prosecutor's office, informed the detainee of the suspicion of committing a criminal offense under Part 1 of Article 115 (intentional homicide) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The maximum punishment for this crime is up to 15 years of imprisonment. The pre-trial investigation is ongoing.


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