In Cherkasy, modular shelters are being installed

In Cherkasy, modular shelters are being installed
In Cherkasy, modular shelters are being installed Regions at war 19 Sep 2023 at 19:00

In the regional center, modular shelters are being installed. In the future, there will be 17 more locations in the city. This was announced by the head of the region, Igor Taburets.

As he explained, this is a joint project of the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration and the city authorities, which allocated 15 million UAH for this purpose.

'All community leaders have a clear task: to increase the fund of protective structures,' noted Igor Taburets.

'Not someday, but today. However, there are places where it is impossible to build a capital shelter for a variety of reasons, but they are concentrated with people. It is on such locations in Cherkasy that we are building modular shelters. In total, 18 for the pilot project. I hope that this practice will spread throughout the region, and the number of locations for population protection during an air alarm will increase.'

Each such shelter can accommodate up to several dozen people. It provides protection against shrapnel injuries and shockwaves. The structures are manufactured by one of the Cherkasy enterprises. Local communal services will be responsible for maintaining the shelters.

'We understand all the responsibility,' said the deputy general director of the manufacturing company. 'The safety of our people is paramount. The structures will be equipped with everything necessary. Currently, our employees are actively working. In one day, we manufacture 6 reinforced concrete structures. The goal is one - to protect the citizens.'

Currently, there are more than 1600 shelters in the region. In Cherkasy, there are 273 protective structures.


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