Dnipro region hands over 40 quadcopters to defender

Dnipro region hands over 40 quadcopters to defender
Dnipro region hands over 40 quadcopters to defender Regions at war 05 Jul 2023 at 20:09

The head of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Lysak, met with units of the Armed Forces and those who support the soldiers, meaning volunteers. This information was reported by the press service of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration.

The Dnipropetrovsk Regional Military Administration, in cooperation with volunteers, provided 40 drones to brigades and battalions. Each unit received the specific technology they had requested.

"40 combat 'birds' were handed over to the Armed Forces. Each received what they ordered. This is important because without drones, there is nowhere to go from scratch. They are the 'eyes' of the defenders. They help with reconnaissance and tracking. Most importantly, they hit the enemy accurately," said the head of the Regional Military Administration, Serhiy Lysak. "We strengthen our soldiers thanks to our friends. I can confidently call these benefactors exactly that."

These benefactors had previously donated powerful vehicles to the Ukrainian military. They organized a charitable evening and auction where military ammunition and equipment were raffled. They raised over 1.5 million UAH, which they invested in enhancing the defense capabilities.

"We organized a charitable evening. At this event, we raffled various military equipment and gear, such as tubular containers. We managed to collect over 1.5 million UAH. We added more funds and purchased the necessary drones for our soldiers," shared the head of the Charitable Foundation, Vasil.

In addition to quadcopters, the military also transported food to the front lines. This included nearly 700 ration packs, each providing a full daily ration.


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