In Cherkasy, children were taught to provide first aid

In Cherkasy, children were taught to provide first aid
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In Cherkasy, children were taught to provide first aid War is not everywhere 03 Jun 2023 at 09:10

The event on providing first aid in critical situations in Cherkasy was called "Know. Can. Help." During this event, 65 children from the families of the deceased and missing defenders, along with their relatives, learned life-saving skills in critical situations. They also had the opportunity to receive psychological assistance, participate in workshops, and enjoy outdoor activities. The event was organized by the Department of Social Policy in cooperation with Cherkasy Medical Academy, Cherkasy rescuers, several charitable foundations, and international organizations.

At the event held in Cherkasy's Valley of Roses, with the help of paramedic instructors and specialized paramedics, participants learned cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, how to stop bleeding, measure pulse, blood pressure, and weight, and remove a motorcycle helmet from a person involved in an accident. Alongside the rescuers of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (SESU), they tried themselves in the role of firefighters, worked with psychologists, and practiced rope crossing. Representatives of international public organizations taught them to overcome stress and tension, conducted workshops on painting, appliqué, and sculpting, and offered various outdoor activities.

"The medical skills taught during the event are extremely important for each of us," said Anatoliy Bondarenko, the Mayor of Cherkasy. He emphasized the significance of continuously improving and refining these life-saving skills. The Mayor expressed gratitude to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for ensuring peace over Cherkasy and for their courage, which secures the region from various emergencies.

Marina Harkava, Deputy Mayor of Cherkasy, mentioned that the event was made possible through cooperation between the municipal authorities and international organizations. The city received large boxes of first aid kits from the UNICEF Ukraine Fund. Instead of simply distributing them to the families of fallen defenders, the organizers decided to create a special event that combined learning with play and entertainment.

Anna Mukan, the wife of the late Volodymyr Mukan, shared her perspective on the event on providing first aid. She mentioned how crucial and beneficial the event was for both children and adults, especially for families like theirs who have experienced loss. The event helped them understand what each person can do in a crucial moment to save others.

"We presented the most common cases that medics face when saving people's lives," noted Olga Fedoseeva, Vice-Rector for Practical Work at Cherkasy Medical Academy. She highlighted that future specialized paramedics and paramedics, who are trained to work 24/7 in critical situations, including during a state of war and in combat zones, are ready to provide such assistance and are eager to teach others. The positive feedback from people who visited the event's locations showed their interest and understanding of the importance of these skills.


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