In Kropyvnytskyi, dogs are taught to search for people under rubble

In Kropyvnytskyi, dogs are taught to search for people under rubble
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In Kropyvnytskyi, dogs are taught to search for people under rubble Ukraine news 16 May 2023 at 19:48

Kropyvnytskyi rescuers are training dogs to search for people under rubble. It takes about a year to train the dogs for this task. Alina Khrustalyova, a canine handler from the regional emergency service, shared this with the public. Derek and Jokonda are service dogs in the Kropyvnytskyi rescue team. Alina Khrustalyova has been working as a canine handler in the emergency service for 10 years.

Nine-year-old Derek is a German Shepherd, and Alina Khrustalyova calls him a gentleman because he doesn't get upset even when his younger sister Jokonda takes his food.

Jokonda, Derek's sister, is a three-year-old German Shepherd and has been serving with the rescue team for a year. During their training, they work on exercises related to pace, self-control, coordination, and agility. Listening exercises are crucial to establish a strong bond between the canine handler and the dog. The commands given to the dogs are in German, as they are shorter and easier for them to remember.

The canine handler works with the dogs on rubble and partially ruined buildings. Training props are specifically designed for them to practice agility and navigate through unstable surfaces. The dogs are trained to perform search and rescue in natural environments. Due to the ongoing war, they are retraining the dogs for the most relevant skill, which is searching under technogenic rubble.

During training, the dog must cover the area indicated by the canine handler and mark all the places where a person may be trapped under rubble. It's important to note that they are trained to find living people. In a technogenic rubble scenario, the dog should work slowly and meticulously, checking every meter to avoid missing the scent of a living person under the debris. When the scent of a living person is detected under the rubble, the dog points its nose and barks.

In June, Jokonda and Derek are scheduled to undergo certification for the specialization of "Search under rubble." After successfully passing the exams, they will be deployed for rescue operations.


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