In Poltava, street lighting will be turned off earlier

In Poltava, street lighting will be turned off earlier
In Poltava, street lighting will be turned off earlier Ukraine news 05 Jun 2023 at 18:00

At today's meeting on housing and utilities issues with the heads of municipal enterprises and structural units of the executive committee of the Poltava City Council, a decision was made to reduce the operation of street lighting. This decision was announced by the First Deputy Mayor of Poltava, Valeriy Parkhomenko.

According to him, in order to save electricity, "Misksvitlo" has started turning on street lighting at 22:00. The curfew starts at midnight, meaning that the city will be in darkness for two hours. Due to the power shortage, street lighting along trolleybus routes and in parks will be turned on at dusk (approximately at 21:00/21:30, depending on weather conditions).

At 22:00, the entire community (the city and districts) will have street lighting on. At 23:00, street lighting will be turned off, except for trolleybus routes, as clarified by the city council.

It's worth noting that when street lighting was not turned on during the dark hours, the number of road accidents with injuries increased in the city. Street lighting in Poltava was restored on August 9, 2022.

After mass attacks on energy infrastructure, street lighting was resumed on March 1, 2023. Previously, the decision to prohibit street lighting was made by the Poltava Regional Military Administration due to the electricity shortage in the region and based on military recommendations regarding light masking. They initially turned it on at dusk until the start of the curfew at 23:00.

When the curfew hours were shortened from 00:00 to 04:00, the lighting schedule remained unchanged, and now it has been further reduced.


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