Pre-trial restraint imposed on law enforcement officer who fatally wounded man in Dnipro

Pre-trial restraint imposed on law enforcement officer who fatally wounded man in Dnipro
Pre-trial restraint imposed on law enforcement officer who fatally wounded man in Dnipro Ukraine news 31 Aug 2023 at 21:32

In the Kirovsky District Court of Dnipro, a preventive measure was being determined for police patrol officer Yegor Zvonkov, who caused a fatal injury during an arrest. As reported by "Suspilne," the law enforcement officer was not physically present due to his health condition, but he participated remotely in the hearing.

The prosecution requested a preventive measure for the detained police officer - 60 days of detention without the possibility of bail.

Prosecutor Artem Zheleba emphasized that the patrol officer should have given prior warning about the use of official weapons.

The lawyer emphasized that her client sustained a serious head and soft tissue injury, requiring hospitalization. Segeda also commented on the surveillance footage from police body cameras during the incident, stating, "What did we see next? We saw an attack, a physical attack on police officers... I reviewed the video in more detail. It is clear that when the man (fatally wounded by the patrol officer) executed this move, from which the suspect fell to the ground, he immediately ran to finish off the patrol officer. He ran to attack the police officer. And he did indeed strike her. We see that she is bleeding. So what did the suspect do? He was saving the life of his partner," said Segeda.

The defense attorneys for the detained patrol officer requested the court to decide on preventive measures in the form of personal recognizance, house arrest, or bail. The arrested police officer, in court, denied his guilt, stating, "I absolutely disagree with the suspicion." He also indicated that he used his weapon only after exhausting all other options and to protect his own life. At the same time, he rejected the possibility of preventive detention, claiming that he is currently receiving medical treatment and has not committed the crime he is accused of.

Segeda, the lawyer representing the police officer, noted that the question of potential excessive use of authority requires a thorough investigation. However, regarding the intention to commit murder, her perspective was categorically different. She said, "Regarding the exceeding of authority, I agree that this is a disputable issue. I agree that it needs to be resolved during the investigation, that there will be many more expert examinations. And, of course, it will be investigated during the investigative process. But as for intentional murder, I categorically could not agree with that. And today, you heard that the prosecutor did not convince. I don't know about you, but I was not convinced," she stated.


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