Russians launch 15 kamikaze drones in Odesa region

Russians launch 15 kamikaze drones in Odesa region
Russians launch 15 kamikaze drones in Odesa region Ukraine news 04 May 2023 at 11:00

On the morning of May 4, the Russian Federation's occupying army attacked the Odesa region with Iranian kamikaze drones 'Shahed 136/131'. This was reported by the Operational Command 'South'. They stated that 15 kamikaze drones were released over Odesa, of which 12 were destroyed by air defense means and mobile fire groups. Three 'Shaheds' struck dormitories of one of Odesa's educational institutions.

In the Operational Command 'South,' it was also noted that the tail fins of the kamikaze drones were marked with the 'sacred' reason for the attack.

Recall that on the night of May 4, the Russian occupying army attacked Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk region with heavy artillery and drones, resulting in a 32-year-old man being injured. He is currently in the hospital. In addition, 11 private houses and nine outbuildings were damaged in the city. Also, a gas pipeline and power line were damaged. There was also damage at one of the industrial enterprises where a fire broke out, which has already been extinguished. On May 3, the enemy shelled the city of Nikopol as well. As a result of a sneaky shelling, an 86-year-old local woman was injured. The pensioner will receive treatment in the hospital, which is located at her residence. The shelling damaged 13 private residential buildings, nine utility buildings, a medical facility, two passenger cars, 22 solar panels, and power lines. Two utility buildings were also destroyed.


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