Graduation of students took place at the Cherkasy Medical Academy

Graduation of students took place at the Cherkasy Medical Academy
Graduation of students took place at the Cherkasy Medical Academy Ukraine news 14 Jun 2023 at 13:00

Cherkasy Medical Academy recently held a graduation ceremony for students who will become future paramedics, specialist nurses, and rehabilitation specialists. Over fifty young healthcare professionals received their diplomas, and these professions are highly sought after in Ukraine, according to Cherkasy Regional State Administration.

Graduates were congratulated by city and regional leaders, emphasizing the importance and societal significance of the professions taught at Ukrainian medical educational institutions.

Paramedics will join emergency medical service teams, and it's worth noting that Cherkasy Medical Academy was the first to open this specialty in Ukraine.

Specialist nurses, known as "spetsnurses," are healthcare professionals in the medical field who serve the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other security structures. Their professionalism is crucial for saving the lives and health of Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines and in military hospitals.

Physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists will assist in the recovery of individuals after injuries, traumas, and serious illnesses.

"We were the first in Ukraine to start training medical rehabilitation specialists and paramedics. We recently received a license to train therapeutic rehabilitation specialists and pharmacists at the master's level," said Inna Hubenko, Rector of Cherkasy Medical Academy and Honored Doctor of Ukraine. "Despite the challenges of studying during a state of war, our institution conducted all practical training sessions for students with the participation of specialists from healthcare institutions. Therefore, our graduates possess the necessary skills and abilities to contribute significantly to the ranks of healthcare professionals."

To commemorate the graduation day, the Medical Academy organized an international scientific and practical conference titled "Medical and Spiritual Heritage and Spiritual Values of St. Luke (Valentin Voyno-Yasenetsky)," focusing on the life of a prominent professor of medicine who hailed from Cherkasy and successfully integrated science and religion.


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