In the Kirovohrad region, additional pyrotechnic units will be created for demining Ukraine

In the Kirovohrad region, additional pyrotechnic units will be created for demining Ukraine
In the Kirovohrad region, additional pyrotechnic units will be created for demining Ukraine Ukraine news 23 May 2023 at 18:43

In Kirovohrad Oblast, additional pyrotechnic units are being formed to demine Ukraine, with plans to recruit 47 individuals. This was announced during a briefing by the head of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in Kirovohrad Oblast, Vitaliy Myroniuk.

Prior to 2014, Kirovohrad's pyrotechnicians were primarily involved in neutralizing unexploded ordnance left over from previous wars. This was carried out by three pyrotechnic teams consisting of 18 individuals. Today, six departments are in operation, with a total of 32 personnel.

The volume of work required has increased dramatically, given the numerous incidents, including artillery shelling that occurred within Kirovohrad Oblast's territory. The pyrotechnicians now have to deal with modern ammunition, including missiles that were downed over the region.

In 2021, Kirovohrad pyrotechnicians demined 661 items. In 2022, this number increased to 1,408, and in the first five months of 2023, they have already demined 588 items, including ordnance from previous wars.

Kirovohrad Oblast's rescue teams are also assisting with demining efforts in Chernihiv, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Kherson Oblasts. Vitaliy Myroniuk mentioned that approximately one-third of Ukraine's territory is contaminated with landmines, which amounts to approximately 174,000 square kilometers.

There are deceptive methods of mine placement, such as hiding explosives in beds, doors, children's toys, mobile phones, and other items that could trigger an explosion when disturbed. The adversary employs new mine-laying techniques unfamiliar to Ukrainian pyrotechnicians, who are currently training and studying modern demining methods.

As of today, there are five demining vehicles in operation in Ukraine, coordinated under the central command of the State Emergency Service. Two more vehicles are expected to arrive by the end of the year. The locations where they operate are kept confidential.

Kirovohrad Oblast's rescue teams received 30 fire and rescue vehicles from European partners, two of which were modified for pyrotechnic purposes. These vehicles were chosen because they are four-wheel drive and have diesel engines. One vehicle is operating in Kherson Oblast, while another is in use in Kirovohrad Oblast.

For individuals interested in joining pyrotechnic units, they can contact the personnel department of the State Emergency Service in Kirovohrad Oblast. Vitaliy Myroniuk stated that all contact information is available on their website. To apply, applicants need to provide a copy of their passport and identification code, be registered with the local military commissariat, and pass a qualification selection process, including a medical examination, assessment of physical fitness, and other necessary criteria.

Pyrotechnicians, both officers and enlisted personnel, receive their training at centers in Lviv and Kharkiv Oblasts.


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