Cholera-like bacteria were found on the beaches of Odessa: what is known

Cholera-like bacteria were found on the beaches of Odessa: what is known
Cholera-like bacteria were found on the beaches of Odessa: what is known Ukraine news 02 Jul 2023 at 19:02

Cholera-like bacteria have been found in several Odessa beaches by laboratory experts. Bacteriologists explain that these pathogens cannot cause cholera, but they do trigger acute gastrointestinal infections in adults and children. This was reported by TSN on Sunday, July 2.

It should be noted that this pathogen was first discovered in Odessa on June 19. Samples of water taken from the Black Sea showed reduced salinity and the presence of cholera-like vibrios. A few days later, on June 21, experts took water samples again and studied them in the laboratory. They once again found the pathogen responsible for gastrointestinal diseases.

Where it's unsafe to swim in Odessa
According to the Odessa City Administration, the dangerous infection was detected on the beach near the 10th station of Big Fountain and on the beach near the 16th station of Big Fountain. Cholera-like bacteria were found in the water samples from these locations.

However, it's also not advisable to swim at the "Langeron," "Arcadia," and "Luzanivka" beaches due to the presence of vibrios of rod-shaped bacterium Aeromonas. It can cause gastroenteritis in humans, which most commonly occurs in young children and individuals with weakened immune systems. Gastroenteritis can manifest in two forms. The first form of the disease resembles cholera symptoms, with diarrhea being a major concern. The second type leads to bloody and mucous stool. The illness can persist for several weeks.

Contaminated water in Black Sea beaches: preventive measures to follow
The residents of Odessa and city visitors have already been advised not to swim and consume fish caught from the sea. Dangerous infections have even been detected in mussels in Odessa.

It is also important to sunbathe on the beaches with caution. Ecologists warn that lying on the sand, which was covered with silt just a few weeks ago due to the rupture of the Kakhovska HES dam, can be dangerous.


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