Opened in Odessa department of complex rehabilitation of servicemen

Opened in Odessa department of complex rehabilitation of servicemen
Opened in Odessa department of complex rehabilitation of servicemen Ukraine news 03 Jul 2023 at 09:04

In Odessa, a stationary department for comprehensive rehabilitation of military personnel in the post-acute period has been opened at the sanatorium. The department, consisting of 2-3 bed wards and accommodating up to 100 patients, also takes into account inclusivity requirements. This was reported by the Odessa Regional State Administration.

Natalia Odariy-Zakharyeva, the director of the Department of Health of the Odessa Regional State Administration, and Oksana Alekseeva, the head of the Odessa Regional Center for Veterans' Assistance, visited the facility.

The wards in the department are equipped with functional beds and furniture designed to provide maximum comfort during the stay. Military personnel undergoing rehabilitation will receive three meals a day and 24-hour nursing care.

The sanatorium will provide rehabilitation for military personnel in a stationary setting under the program of medical guarantees offered by the National Health Service of Ukraine. The facility has created four multidisciplinary teams consisting of rehabilitation and physical medicine doctors. Each of the medical professionals is skilled in working with patients who have amputations, conditions following traumatic spinal and brain injuries, internal organ injuries, frostbite, and burns.

The rehabilitation program includes individual sessions with occupational therapists and rehabilitologists, which will take place in specially equipped neurosensory rooms and halls. Additionally, it incorporates therapeutic massage sessions, underwater spine traction, hydrokinetic therapy in a pool using special aquatrainers, peloid therapy (treatment with Kuyalnik mud), machine physiotherapy, and shock wave therapy.

Notably, this facility is the first where the families of service members can receive family rehabilitation.


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