A storm in Odesa damaged a bridge and cut off power in 41 settlements

A storm in Odesa damaged a bridge and cut off power in 41 settlements
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A storm in Odesa damaged a bridge and cut off power in 41 settlements Ukraine news 08 Jul 2023 at 08:15

The severe weather that struck the Odessa region on July 7th resulted in damage to a bridge and power outages in dozens of settlements.

The damage to the bridge was reported by the Infrastructure Restoration and Development Service in the Odessa region. They stated that due to heavy rainfall, the transitional plate of the bridge on the M-14 Odessa-Melitopol-Novoazovsk highway, near the village of Ivanove, collapsed.

The service mentioned that the affected section has already been fenced off, and appropriate road signs have been installed. The road will be repaired in due course.

According to DTEK Odessa Electric Networks, as of 8:30 am on July 8th, 41 settlements temporarily remained without electricity, three of which were partially affected.

The Odessa district suffered the most. As of the morning, DTEK specialists had repaired 28 overhead power lines that supply power to 804 transformer substations.

Currently, restoration work on the power supply is ongoing. For this purpose, the company has deployed 34 brigades consisting of 101 specialists and 35 pieces of equipment.

"During the past day, July 7th, DTEK restored electricity in 113 settlements of the region, serving 35,325 customers who were affected by the severe weather and power outages," according to their website.
In some areas, the wind ripped off roof coverings from buildings.

Meanwhile, according to meteorologists, Odessa can expect variable cloudiness, brief showers, and thunderstorms on July 8th. The wind will be northward, blowing at a speed of 9-14 meters per second with gusts up to 15-20 meters per second. The temperature in the morning will range from 19 to 21 degrees Celsius, and during the day it will reach 25-27 degrees Celsius. As of 12:00 pm, 28 towns and villages are still without electricity, three of which are partially affected.


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