Dangerous predators have appeared in the forests of Cherkasy

Dangerous predators have appeared in the forests of Cherkasy
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Dangerous predators have appeared in the forests of Cherkasy Ukraine news 17 Jul 2023 at 13:00

New animals - jackals, have appeared in Cherkasy region. This was reported by a hunting expert from the Central Forestry Office, Serhiy Shchaslyvy, in an interview with a local television channel.

According to him, the ban on visiting forests in Cherkasy region has led to changes in the flora and fauna. The population of animals has increased, and new predators that are not typical for the region have started to appear in the area.

"There have been reports and information from private households that jackals have started to appear in their territories in Cherkasy region. This is an unusual animal for Cherkasy. It is a predator," noted Serhiy Shchaslyvy.

Jackals are known to attack humans, so it is advisable not to go into the forest, according to the hunting expert.

In Ukraine, scientists estimate that there are about 1,500 jackals. They first appeared in the southern regions of Ukraine about 25 years ago, but in the last six years, they have migrated northwards to regions not typical for them.

Researchers even suggest that the population of jackals in Ukraine may now be larger than the population of wolves.

Zoologists believe that jackals began to spread to new areas after disturbances in their primary habitats, such as the Caucasus and the Balkans, due to wars and other factors. The disappearance of wolves and global warming may have also contributed to the increase in their population.

Jackals are known to prefer floodplains of rivers, and they have been spotted in the Kremenets district of Poltava region as well. While they are generally afraid of humans, in search of food, they may venture into villages.

So far, the impact of jackals on the population of wild animals has not been noticed, but these predators reproduce quickly and adapt to new territories rapidly.


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