A dead dolphin was washed up on the beach in Odessa

A dead dolphin was washed up on the beach in Odessa
A dead dolphin was washed up on the beach in Odessa Ukraine news 17 Jul 2023 at 09:31

On July 13th, the body of a young dolphin was washed ashore on the "Delfin" beach in Odessa. This was reported by the Odessa City Council.

Scientists have taken the deceased animal for study to determine the cause of death. After the investigation, the authorities plan to notify law enforcement agencies to assess the damage caused to the animal world due to Russia's armed aggression.

It's worth noting that the work to eliminate the consequences of the explosion at the Kakhovska Hydroelectric Station is ongoing, which poses a danger to the population when visiting mass recreation areas on the coast and swimming in the Black Sea.

According to information from the Odessa Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, water samples collected on July 11, 2023, from the sea in Odessa (seaport berth No. 2) have revealed cholera-like Vibrio cholerae non-agglutinating (NAG) group 1 (these NAG Vibrio strains are not the causative agent of cholera but can cause acute gastrointestinal infections).

Experts state that there have been occasional improvements in the quality of seawater samples in terms of sanitary-microbiological and sanitary-chemical indicators. However, this improvement is of a short-term nature.

The results fluctuate depending on weather conditions (temperature, wind direction) that can lead to sediment being stirred from the seabed, and new polluted water masses entering from the Dnieper River estuary.

Currently, there is a prohibition on swimming in the sea, catching and consuming fresh marine fish, other marine water resources, and fish of dubious origin in the city of Odessa.


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