After 45 days, Ukrainians who have emigrated abroad lose their benefits.

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Infographic by kolo-ukraine.com Ukraine news 19 Jul 2023 at 12:54

In the near future, there are some new changes in state payments that await Ukrainians who have traveled abroad or relocated to another region. As of August 1st, the government will stop providing financial assistance to those who have traveled further abroad or returned home. Daria Marchak announced this during the 'Yedini Novyny' television marathon.

Specifically, Ukrainians who have been abroad for 45 days without valid reasons will no longer be considered as internally displaced persons (IDPs) and will be deprived of state payments from August 1st. The government will have access to information regarding a person's travels abroad through state registries. If it is observed that a person has been abroad for an extended period without legitimate reasons such as medical treatment, internships, or official assignments, their payments will be discontinued. However, if there is incorrect information in the state registries or if the person or their family has already returned from abroad, they can clarify the situation with the social protection authorities, and the payments will continue.

Furthermore, payments will also be terminated for those who have returned to their original place of residence.

On July 11th, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution to clarify the parameters for providing assistance to internally displaced persons. As a result, all internally displaced persons residing in Ukraine and receiving assistance will automatically receive payments for an additional six months until the end of January 2024. The amount will be 3,000 hryvnias for persons with disabilities and children, and 2,000 hryvnias for other individuals.

These changes aim to ensure that financial aid is provided to those who genuinely require it and to prevent misuse or exploitation of the system during these challenging times.


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