A mass of fish died out in a pond near Vinnytsia

A mass of fish died out in a pond near Vinnytsia
A mass of fish died out in a pond near Vinnytsia Ukraine news 25 Jul 2023 at 17:54

"On July 24th, the State Environmental Inspection in Vinnytsia Oblast received a report of fish mortality in the 'Bahatske' pond in Vinnytski Khutory village. Experts conducted an inspection of the water body and collected water samples.

According to the State Environmental Inspection, during the examination, workers discovered 125 deceased fish specimens, including 120 carp and 3 ide fish. A corresponding inspection report of the water body was compiled.

A calculation of damages was also carried out, with a total amount of 2,420 hryvnias. Water samples were tested for the level of dissolved oxygen, which ranged from 14.5 mg/dm³ to 18.1 mg/dm³, within the permissible range of no less than 4 mg/dm³.

"Currently, instrumental and laboratory research of the collected samples for the presence of pollutants is underway. The results of the research will be reported separately," the statement noted.

Members of the amateur fishing association reported that the mass fish mortality began after several days of rainfall.

Recall that on July 9th, pollution was detected in the Psel River, which flows between the settlements of Zapsillia and Omelnyk in Poltava Oblast. Dead fish and amphibians were observed on the surface of the water.

According to the results of laboratory tests conducted by the Regional State Laboratory of the State Food and Consumer Service in Poltava Oblast, the water from the Psel River did not meet sanitary standards in terms of microbiological and physico-chemical indicators, particularly for the presence of lactose-positive bacteria (up to 12,000, with a norm of no more than 5,000) and ammonia content (up to 3 mg/l, with a norm of no more than 2 mg/l), as well as microbiological indicators for fish."


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