A system of remote access to shelters is being implemented in Vinnytsia

A system of remote access to shelters is being implemented in Vinnytsia
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A system of remote access to shelters is being implemented in Vinnytsia Ukraine news 10 Aug 2023 at 20:42

10 shelters in Vinnytsia's high-rise buildings have already been equipped with automated lock-opening systems. The installation of such systems in high-rise buildings began a week ago. This information was shared by the Director of the Vinnytsia Information Center, Serhiy Bryhadyr, in an interview with Suspilne.

The corresponding system has also been installed in the multi-story buildings on Mykolayivska Street. According to technician Viktor Dovhutskyi, installing the mechanism itself is not difficult. The main requirement is that the shelter doors meet specific standards.

"The doors should be even, as sometimes people try to put a lock on doors that have a grille instead. This type of system cannot be installed on a grille. The doors should be even, and ideally, there should be a latch," explained Dovhutskyi.

According to the working principle, after the "air raid" alarm is sounded, the doors to the shelter automatically open and remain open until the end of the alarm. A few seconds after the "all clear" signal, the lock automatically closes, said Viktor Dovhutskyi.

Technician Oleksiy Polishchuk added that the system includes a power supply unit that can work autonomously for up to 24 hours in case of a power outage. If the power is not restored during that time, the doors to the shelter can be opened or closed using a smartphone.

Overall, the system offers four options for opening the shelter doors, each of which works independently:

Automatically when an "air raid" alarm is announced in the city.
Remotely by a dispatcher using a communication device.
With a key (similar to a regular intercom key).
Through a mobile app.

The system of automatic door opening for shelters was developed by experts from the Vinnytsia Information Center in collaboration with specialists from the TIRAS company. The installation of these systems in public institutions began a month ago, according to the Director of the enterprise, Serhiy Bryhadyr.

In total, the automatic door opening systems are planned to be installed in all shelters marked on the Vinnytsia shelter map, which amounts to more than 1236 shelters. The funds for installing these systems are allocated from the community budget. On average, one lock costs around 18,000 hryvnias.


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