Space for preschoolers from IDP families opened in Poltava

Space for preschoolers from IDP families opened in Poltava
Space for preschoolers from IDP families opened in Poltava Regions at war 17 Aug 2023 at 12:00

In Poltava, an educational space has been opened for children from families of internally displaced persons (IDPs). Preschoolers will receive free preparation for their first year of school. This initiative is part of the "We Can Do It" project by the charitable foundation "Zaporuka," in collaboration with UN Women in Ukraine.

Supported by the charitable foundation "Zaporuka," a modern space for preparing children for school has been opened in Poltava. This space will accommodate 20 boys and girls from the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine. These are children from families with IDP status who were forced to leave their homes due to the war.

Such spaces are much needed in Poltava, where many IDP families reside. Starting a new life involuntarily with a different environment, conditions, and surroundings is a significant challenge. Children are particularly vulnerable in such situations. Therefore, a place where they can not only acquire the necessary skills for learning but also make new friends is the best solution for their adaptation. The collaboration between "Zaporuka" and UN Women has made it possible to implement this idea.

Natalia Dida, the head of the public organization "VULYK," which initiated this project, understands the needs and requests of internally displaced persons firsthand, as she herself is an IDP. She arrived in Poltava with her husband and daughter in 2014 when the war began.

For the educational space, "Zaporuka" purchased ergonomic desks, furnished the premises with the necessary furniture for a comfortable learning process, and created a leisure area. Preschoolers who have already started preparing for primary school were provided with real student backpacks. In addition, the children's families will receive humanitarian aid from "Zaporuka" and UN Women totaling almost half a million hryvnias.


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