A deputy of the Poltava City Council was killed in the war: when to say goodbye

A deputy of the Poltava City Council was killed in the war: when to say goodbye
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A deputy of the Poltava City Council was killed in the war: when to say goodbye Regions at war 21 May 2023 at 18:00

On May 23, at 10:00, a farewell ceremony will be held on Sobornyi Square in Poltava for Yulian Matviichuk, a patriot, nationalist, ATO veteran, serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and deputy of the Poltava City Council from the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom," who fell in the war.

All his friends, relatives, comrades, and fellow soldiers ask everyone to come and pay their final respects to a warrior who gave his life for Ukraine.

Yulian Oleksandrovych Matviichuk was born on June 14, 1989, in Poltava.

From 1996 to 2006, he studied at Poltava Secondary School No. 4. He also studied at a music school and Poltava Art School. Yulian sang in the folk choir "Kalyina."

He graduated from the Historical Faculty of V. G. Korolenko Poltava National Pedagogical University as a specialist and a history and law teacher (2009–2014). He didn't have a chance to work in his field because as soon as he defended his diploma, he went to the front, and the documents were issued to his parents.

In the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO), he served as a grenade launcher in the "Azov" battalion, and from December 2014, he became an artilleryman in the "Azov" regiment, serving as a deputy commander of the artillery battery of howitzers. He held the rank of Junior Lieutenant.

Yulian Matviichuk actively participated in the "Stand Up, Ukraine!" campaign and nationalist movements. He played an active role in the "Revolution of Dignity." He was the founder of the Poltava self-defense hundred in the Poltava Regional Council.

Since 2011, Yulian Matviichuk was the chairman of the Poltava Youth Organization "Student Freedom."

He served as a deputy in the Poltava City Council for the All-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" for two terms. Yulian was always at the center of the city's public and community life.

He was awarded the breastplate "For Distinguished Service" on June 16, 2015.

In February 2022, he joined the ranks of Ukraine's defenders. He served as part of the "Nightingale" aerial reconnaissance unit of the 116th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade. On May 16, enemy artillery hit their position. Yulian and his comrades were injured, and he passed away in a hospital in Dnipro.

Yulian Matviichuk left behind his family, his wife Liliya, and a young daughter.


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