Volunteers from Kryvyi Rih make smoke bombs for Ukrainian military

Photo - Suspilne.Dnipro.
Photo - Suspilne.Dnipro. Regions at war 27 Jun 2023 at 18:06

Volunteers from Kryvyi Rih are manufacturing smoke grenades for Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines. This information was reported by "Suspilne.Dnipro" in a report from their correspondents.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, volunteers have produced over 40,000 smoke grenades, which have been delivered to the front lines.

Residents of Kryvyi Rih produce four types of smoke grenades, with the duration of the smoke varying from 70 seconds to over two minutes, depending on the size. Additionally, these grenades are waterproof and won't be compromised by moisture.

The production process is divided into several stages. First, they create the casing that will be filled with the hot mixture. Volunteers cut longer casings to the required length. Next, they create a plaster bottom. Then they combine ingredients that do not burn separately, but when combined correctly, they burn almost like gunpowder.

Currently, the demand for these smoke grenades is increasing. Volunteers mentioned that they used to receive orders for up to a hundred smoke grenades, but now they are producing batches of up to a thousand smoke grenades of various sizes.

These smoke grenades are sent to the front lines by mail or directly to the military. They produce over 500 grenades in a week.

It's noted that these smoke grenades are made with donations from benefactors. However, the number of donors has decreased compared to the early days of the full-scale war.


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