Cherkasy Region takes "sponsorship" of three villages in Kherson Region

Cherkasy Region takes "sponsorship" of three villages in Kherson Region
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Cherkasy Region takes "sponsorship" of three villages in Kherson Region Regions at war 11 Jul 2023 at 10:46

As part of the "Shoulder-to-Shoulder" project, Cherkasy Region will assist in the restoration of three settlements in Kherson Oblast - Mykolaivka, Novopetrivka, and Ivanivka. Specifically, over 200 houses will be restored in Ivanivka. This was announced by the head of Cherkasy Regional Military Administration, Igor Taburets.

According to Taburets, the Russian occupiers seized Ivanivka in the early days of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. During their occupation, they destroyed everything in sight, including the school, agricultural enterprise, and homes of local residents. The occupying army engaged in looting and terrorizing the population, and the village was bombarded with various types of weapons, including artillery and "Grad" rockets, as well as the use of phosphorous ammunition. In July 2022, after intense fighting, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to liberate the village, and its residents began to return. However, upon returning to their homes, they found complete ruins. As a result, friends from Cherkasy Region will provide assistance to rebuild everything.

Reconstruction work has already begun, with builders and volunteers from across Cherkasy Region working on the project.

As a reminder, the "Shoulder-to-Shoulder" project, initiated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, involves fifteen rear regions of Ukraine. They will assist in the reconstruction of 26 settlements in Kherson Oblast that were liberated after the occupation.


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