A patriotic mural dedicated to the Ukrainian struggle unveiled in Poltava

A patriotic mural dedicated to the Ukrainian struggle unveiled in Poltava
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A patriotic mural dedicated to the Ukrainian struggle unveiled in Poltava Regions at war 02 Aug 2023 at 09:00

Yesterday, on August 1st, near the Poltava State Agrarian University, the mural 'Thoughts of Freedom' was unveiled. The initiative to create the mural came from Poltava residents Arthur Kobzar, Denis Starostin, Arthur Aroyan, and Dmitry Bilokin.

The artists worked on creating the mural for over a year, and the project was funded by concerned citizens who contributed to its realization.

"The work was highly significant for us, and it was incredibly challenging and time-consuming. At times, we faced very difficult conditions, including working in the cold and wind. However, we managed to achieve the depth, colors, and resonance characteristic of monumental art. There was ample space to express ourselves, covering an area of 110 square meters. It required a lot of paint, time, and effort. But everything we put into it is dedicated to our soldiers, our imminent victory, the triumph we believe is not far away, and our profound cultural heritage," shared the emotions of artist Dmitry Bilokin.

Dmitry Bilokin, one of the artists, dedicated the mural to his friend Mykola Bozhko, who is currently serving on the frontlines. The mural is a tribute and immense respect to all those who have ever fought and continue to fight for Ukraine's independence against the monstrous empire.

-          "Our team's experience once again confirms that important and beautiful things are born at the intersection of various bubbles. An artist, architect, entrepreneur, representative of the construction industry, and a communicator – it might seem like we come from different worlds and should never cross paths. However, each of us took responsibility for our part of the work, and the project came to life. I cannot fail to mention Dmitry's talent – his mural is truly impressive. Besides the team, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed in one way or another to the creation of this mural. You are incredible! Our project received support from TRO fighters, entrepreneurs, journalists, IT specialists, teachers, public activists, designers, and doctors. The list could go on for several more posts. It's truly touching and inspiring," commented Denis Starostin, a communications specialist from Poltava, on the mural's unveiling.

The project was a result of collaboration and effort from various professionals, including artists, architects, entrepreneurs, representatives from the construction industry, and communication experts, who came together to make this important artwork happen.

The mural 'Thoughts of Freedom' holds a personal meaning for Dmitry Bilokin, as he was previously involved in creating another mural at the same location dedicated to the Revolution of Dignity. Rather than restoring the previous artwork, they decided to create a new one.

-           "The mural 'Duma about Freedom' holds a personal significance for me. The previous mural that was here, we created it with the guys, and one of the organizers was my friend Anton Hrytsai. He lost his life in 2015 during the Battle of Shyrokyne. At the beginning of working on the new mural, which we unveiled today, we consulted with Yulian Matviichuk. Yulik gave his life for Ukraine back in May during the full-scale Russo-Ukrainian War. The fight against the Russian Empire has been going on not for 9 years, but for centuries. This struggle claims the lives of the best people. This fight teaches us to value and create. It teaches us to unite and be strong," emphasized Artur Kobzar.

Special lighting adds an extraordinary look to the mural during the dark hours. For those who may not know the exact location, it can be found near the Poltava State Agrarian University and the 'Vorskla' stadium, at 1 Skovorody Street.

The mural project stands as a testament to the ongoing struggle for freedom and the precious lives sacrificed in the fight against the Russian empire, a battle that has spanned not only nine years but centuries. This fight teaches us to cherish and create, unite, and be strong.

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