Three schools in Poltava region received equipment from Taiwan

Three schools in Poltava region received equipment from Taiwan
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Three schools in Poltava region received equipment from Taiwan Ukrainians for the world 17 Aug 2023 at 15:00

Today, on August 17, at the Poltava Educational and Educational Complex No. 16 of the Poltava City Council, the transfer of equipment to three educational institutions in the region took place.

Poltava region is among the regions that have received the highest number of internally displaced persons. The city and region must meet not only the basic needs of people who have made the region their new home but also assist with education and employment.

The partnership "#Taiwan_Can_Help #Free_the_Future" aims to address these issues while reminding residents and internally displaced persons that they are not alone.

The Ministry of Digitalization of Taiwan, along with partners (Acer Taiwan and Acer Ukraine, Poltava city and regional authorities, the public organization "Development Alliance," the NGO "Nova Poltava," the All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum, Ukrainian Catholic University), implemented a project to enhance digital skills for teachers, students, parents, and other community members.

On August 17, equipment was transferred to three schools in Poltava. In particular, Poltava Educational and Educational Complex No. 16 of the Poltava City Council, Kremenchuk Gymnasium No. 16 of the Kremenchuk City Kremenchuk District of the Poltava Region, and the Support Institution "Reshetilivskiy Lyceum named after I. L. Oliynyk of the Reshetilivska City Council" will receive over fifty laptops, multimedia complexes, and other equipment.

The initiative included 52 laptops, 52 headsets, 3 sets of Acer Smart Touch (multimedia complexes), 10 Keenetic Giga routers, and 21 Lego Education Spike Prime sets.

The process was coordinated by Ukrainian Member of Parliament Mykola Knyazhytsky.

"As a politician, I actively cooperate with Taiwan because it is a country that really wants to help Ukraine and indeed provides assistance. We implement many projects with them, including in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk. Poltava is very dear to us, so here we decided to help three schools. These schools were selected by people who are well aware of the educational process, and we consulted with the city and regional councils. Thanks to joint efforts, we were able to help schools where children excel academically, participate in Olympiads, and win them," emphasized the Member of Parliament.

John Scott Marchant, an adviser to the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Taiwan, mentioned that Taiwan is thinking about Ukraine, despite the great distance between them.

"It's nice to return to Poltava after my first visit in February. I remember that trip; back then, we discussed how we could help. I see that our communication in this format is very effective. We worked intensively to implement this project, and I also thank Julia Gorodchanina, a member of the Poltava City Council, for her cooperation. Our country is very far from Ukraine, but our people think about Ukraine," emphasized John Scott Marchant.

The process in Poltava was coordinated by Julia Gorodchanina, a member of the Poltava City Council. She emphasized that this project is very valuable for Poltava and Poltava Region because it represents an investment in the future, not just equipment renewal.

"In Poltava, most of our schools will switch to offline learning. I believe this is precisely the important component that we should not lose despite the challenges of war – ensuring that children socialize and have a full educational process. Thanks to these new computers and robotics technology, the educational process can become more innovative and progressive. I hope that these opportunities will expand further in Poltava and the region," said the deputy.

The directors of the schools that received the equipment sincerely thanked the sponsors. During a full-scale war, laptops and routers are essential for both offline and distance learning.

According to the sponsors, this is just the beginning, and there are plans to organize systematic training for computer science teachers.


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