Retro car races were held in Cherkasy region

Retro car races were held in Cherkasy region
Retro car races were held in Cherkasy region War is not everywhere 27 Aug 2023 at 10:12

On August 25th, a rally featuring vintage cars from different countries around the world took place. Owners of historic automobiles from all over Ukraine gathered in Chervona Sloboda, Cherkasy region, to participate in this event. The second part of the competition will take place in Kanev, according to Roman Shchypkov, the head of the national automobile league "Golden Steering Wheel of Ukraine."

One of the cars in the rally, Roman Hetmantsev's "Willys," has a unique family history. The car was originally owned by an American soldier who fought in Ukraine during World War II. He didn't return the car to the United States, and it eventually ended up in the hands of local residents. Roman Hetmantsev's father acquired the car in 1967, and it has remained in the family since then.

Participants in the rally mentioned that some of the Cherkasy roads were not well-suited for these vintage cars, but they had a positive attitude and good spirits. Students from Cherkasy State University also participated in the event with a "Zaporozhets" car.

The rally serves as a platform to demonstrate these historic cars and their capabilities, as well as to adhere to road safety rules. This event has been held for the seventh time, showcasing the resilience and spirit of Ukrainian car enthusiasts who are unafraid of challenges, including the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the war.


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