Near Poltava, before the Constitution Day, there was a concert of the symphony orchestra

Near Poltava, before the Constitution Day, there was a concert of the symphony orchestra
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Near Poltava, before the Constitution Day, there was a concert of the symphony orchestra War is not everywhere 29 Jun 2023 at 09:00

Yesterday, on June 27, a concert by the Poltava Academic Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by the Chief Conductor and People's Artist of Ukraine, Vitaliy Skakun, took place in the courtyard of the Poltava Local Lore Museum. The event was hosted by Alina Syniagovska.

This concert marked the conclusion of the 23rd concert season. The orchestra had previously presented the program "Symphony of Spring" and the project "Concert Seasons" in the museum's courtyard a month ago. For classical music enthusiasts, the orchestra performed masterpieces of Western European and Ukrainian romantic music.

Bogdana Hromtseva, acting director of the orchestra, explained that this season had been very busy for the artists. The number of concerts increased significantly since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Musicians held both commercial and charity concerts, including those for internally displaced persons and military personnel. At times, the orchestra performed 15 to 20 concerts in a month.

Hromtseva mentioned that the orchestra had been continuously working without a break since February 24. They provided cultural services for internally displaced persons and local residents to support them emotionally during these challenging times.

The concert on this day was part of a series initiated by the orchestra's director, Mykhailo Malko, held in an open space under the theme "Symphony of Summer, Spring, and Autumn." The program was dedicated to the Day of the Constitution of Ukraine and featured the best examples of Ukrainian classical music and world classics. Invited soloists also performed for the event.

Over 200 tickets were sold for the concert, and the courtyard of the museum was filled to capacity.

In the next concert season, the orchestra plans to continue the outdoor concert series, but this time at a different venue, located at 49 Yevropeiska Street, to acquaint the audience with the orchestra's concert hall.

The orchestra will not take a break, and in a few weeks, they will resume their work and present a concert in honor of Ukraine's Independence Day, which is celebrated on July 28.

Among the invited soloists were Honored Artist of Ukraine Olena Shevchenko, laureates of all-Ukrainian and international competitions Taras Korol and Viktoriia Marinich, and public figure, volunteer, and regional council deputy Yanina Barybina.

During the concert, the tragic events of the recent past were remembered, specifically the terrorist act perpetrated by Russian occupiers, involving a missile strike on the "Amstor" shopping center in Kremenchuk. A minute of silence was observed to honor the memory of all the fallen Ukrainians in the ongoing war.

The concert concluded with the performance of "A Prayer for Ukraine."


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