Lavender Fields in Poltava Region: 7 Places Worth Visiting

Lavender Fields in Poltava Region: 7 Places Worth Visiting
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Lavender Fields in Poltava Region: 7 Places Worth Visiting War is not everywhere 11 Jul 2023 at 19:00

Previously associated with France, lavender fields have gained tremendous popularity throughout Ukraine in recent years, and Poltava region is no exception.
The name of the plant derives from the Latin word 'LAVA,' meaning 'to wash,' reflecting the ancient use of lavender by the Romans and Greeks for laundry and bathing purposes.
Today, lavender not only thrives in gardens for its beauty but is also cultivated on fields as a valuable essential oil crop on an industrial scale.
Typically, lavender fields attract passionate romantics, dreamers, creative individuals, and tourists who adore the flower's bloom. Another reason for the lavender fields' immense popularity is their photogenic appeal, making them a favorite location for photoshoots.
While lavender is still in bloom, let us introduce you to the lavender fields in Poltava region and the services offered by their owners.

Village of Hiriavi Iskivtsi, Myrhorod District. Location: 'Lavender Yard.'

This location features long rows with ample spacing between them and an area filled with densely planted bushes. The uniqueness of this location lies in the absence of barriers between the lavender field and the adjacent forest, providing a sense of open space.
Here, you can rent the entire field for a photoshoot or simply stroll around and admire the blossoms alongside other visitors. Props for photography sessions are also available.

Village of Pishchane, near Kremenchuk. Location: 'Lavender Farm.'

This location is also designed for photoshoots. Additionally, you can purchase lavender bouquets, lavender seedlings, honey infused with lavender, and lavender tea here.

Lavender Field in Reshetilivka

This lavender location is small and can only be conditionally referred to as a field. It consists of seven rows of lavender, approximately 50 meters long, and a nursery with small 'lavender babies' at the end of the field.
The owners offer the rental of the field for photoshoots, as well as casual walks or picnics.
On-site, you will find a couple of tables, chairs, a cozy bench, tablecloths, and pillows. There is also a small tent available. The location provides various props such as easels, paints, brushes, paintings, antique suitcases, vases, jugs, canteens, baskets, straw hats, Ukrainian-style decorations, books, dishes, and soap bubbles. For night photoshoots, the location offers a multitude of garlands.

Village of Hluhove, 13 km from Poltava. Location: 'Lavender Oasis.'

The lavender field covers an area of 0.5 hectares. Here, you can also rent the field for a photoshoot or simply take a walk. The location welcomes group classes and excursions.
On the lavender location, you will find chairs to place your belongings, a changing room, a mirror, water, umbrellas, and a gazebo for relaxation. There is also a shop where you can buy fresh lavender bouquets, essential oils, lavender sachets, coffee, and tea.

Village of Checheleve, Kremenchuk District. Location: 'Country House.'

'Country House' is an estate of green tourism where you can enjoy not only the lavender field but also engage in interesting and meaningful activities. For example, you can participate in workshops on making lavender sachets, lavender lemonade, or herbal sachets.

They organize excursions for tourists, offering a wide range of activities.

On-site, you will find props for photography, including various photo zones, not limited to lavender alone. You can also purchase lavender syrup, oil, small bouquets, and more.

Village of Berezotocha, Lubny Municipal Community. Lavender Field of the Medicinal Plant Research Station

Another lavender field we discovered is located in Lubny region, under the care of specialists from the Medicinal Plant Research Station. Visitors can rent the field for a photoshoot or enjoy a walk through the blooming field.

Village of Sasynivka, former Pyriatyn District. 'Scents and Sensations' Lavender Field

The 'Scents and Sensations' lavender field is located in Sasynivka village, Poltava region, near Pyriatyn.
Traditionally, visitors are offered the rental of the field for a photoshoot and a leisurely walk in the park-like setting.
For photoshoots, the location provides props such as a wooden ladder, chair, stool (all in blue color), a metal milk can, and a woven basket. Additionally, various lavender souvenirs are available for purchase.


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