Oleksandr Khyzhnyak secures a ticket to the Olympics in Paris. His journey to victory

Oleksandr Khyzhnyak secures a ticket to the Olympics in Paris. His journey to victory
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Oleksandr Khyzhnyak secures a ticket to the Olympics in Paris. His journey to victory War is not everywhere 11 Jul 2023 at 15:00

Poltava athlete Oleksandr Khyzhnyak has become the champion of the III European Games in boxing. The Poltava native claimed the "gold" in a fight against a Croatian athlete, earning him a spot in the upcoming Olympic Games scheduled to take place in Paris next year.

During the award ceremony at the Poltava Regional Boxing Association, where the boxer, his father, and his coach received certificates of monetary reward, Oleksandr shared insights into his preparation for the competitions and his plans for relaxation after grueling training sessions.

Preparation for the European Games

"We began the quest for this medal and license back in the fall of 2022. First, we had to win the Ukrainian Championship to earn the opportunity to represent our country in international competitions. Then there were four more international competitions in which I also emerged victorious. These were valuable competitions because I needed to experience competing in a new weight category. In the previous Olympic Games, I competed in the 75-kilogram category. However, in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, my weight category will be 80 kilograms. Therefore, I needed to understand how I fared against boxers at the world and European levels.

I am delighted that we managed to win in all these competitions because the boxers I faced went on to become world champions and triumphed in various international tournaments.
Thus, we prepared specifically for these competitions, the main event being the 2023 European Games held in Poland. I felt really good about it, and I am happy that we secured the license for the Olympic Games and won the gold in these games".

Emotions after the victory

"Honestly, when the national anthem started playing and the flag was raised, tears welled up in my eyes because the journey to victory was challenging, and the conditions under which we trained and prepared were very tough.

I always repeat and will continue to repeat that I am deeply grateful to all those men and women who gave their lives for peace in our country, those who are currently fighting for peace, to ensure there is no war and that people can live peaceful lives.

When the anthem played and the Ukrainian flag was raised, I genuinely shed tears because I am glad that we managed to achieve this in my sport, and it was a truly pleasant and valuable experience for me".

Support from opponents

"Certainly, we feel the positive attitude towards Ukraine and Ukrainians. Poland is a beautiful country. It was a great pleasure to be there, especially during these competitions. We felt supported, warmly welcomed, and the atmosphere was fantastic. Many people were cheering for me, supporting me from the stands. Our sport is strong-willed, characteristic, and even my opponents approached me after the fights and the competitions to congratulate me on obtaining such a significant and valuable reward".

Preparations for the Olympics

"There is still a year left until the Olympics, so, of course, we will continue to participate in competitions in Ukraine and internationally. We need to keep performing to stay in shape and prepare as best as we can for the Olympics".


"I love my family very much, and they provide great support. We have a beautiful and diverse country with many places to relax. Therefore, I plan to spend my vacation in Ukraine with my loved ones and then resume training to prepare for the upcoming competitions".

In the previous Olympic Games, Oleksandr Khyzhnyak won a silver medal in his weight category. We wish him the best in improving his results and reaching the top of the podium in Paris.


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