Popular singer YAKTAK's concert in Poltava raises funds for the Armed Forces

Popular singer YAKTAK
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Popular singer YAKTAK's concert in Poltava raises funds for the Armed Forces War is not everywhere 17 Jul 2023 at 20:00

This young talent, who is only 18 years old, has managed to achieve numerous victories in various singing competitions and TV projects, even though he is so young. His songs have become popular on social media, and his solo concerts are sold out. His success has not bypassed even Poltava, where two concerts of this talented singer from Volyn, who performs under the pseudonym YAKTAK, took place yesterday. In Poltava, the singer held two concerts - at 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, as there were more people eager to hear his songs than the concert hall "Center for Culture and Leisure" could accommodate. The performance started with a slight delay so that everyone could take their seats, but as soon as the singer appeared on stage, he called on everyone to stand up and dance near the stage, stating that this is not a movie where you just sit and watch. From the first moments, the audience was excited, and the singer constantly stirred them up, interacting, hosting battles, interactive elements, and even splashing water from the stage! Guests at the concert sang almost all the songs together with Yaroslav.

In the breaks between songs, he shared his emotions and stories about writing lyrics, which he creates himself along with the music. He explained that during the war, he realized that he could not stop singing, even in such terrible times, and his music became a form of struggle.

The musician does not limit himself to genre boundaries but has a clear vision of his work. He emphasizes Ukrainian-language songs that reveal his inner state and emotions through the lyrics. In his interviews, he acknowledges that his goal is to push all Russian music out of the charts.

He started releasing his original songs right after the start of the full-scale war, and they immediately became popular among Ukrainians, as society had a need for quality new Ukrainian music. The young musician recorded songs at home, and he admits that not everyone believed in his success.

Yaroslav has had many collaborations with well-known musicians such as Jerry Heil, MamaRika, SOBOL, DOVI, KOLA. Therefore, he now wants to focus on his solo tracks.

Yaroslav also uses a unique feature in his concerts - the ukulele. Each composition has its own special image that corresponds to the song, lyrics, and music being played. He demonstrated this during the performance in Poltava.

During the concert, funds were collected to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Anyone could make a donation for a special operations forces vehicle. In addition, Yaroslav held a charity auction, where a ukulele musical instrument was sold for 7,000 hryvnias. Also, a certain percentage of ticket sales goes to a charity fund for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This is the artist's first concert tour in Ukrainian cities, as reported by the organizers from VINIL Concert agency. However, he has previously performed in European countries, including Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.


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