Danube ports set a record

Danube ports set a record
Danube ports set a record War is not everywhere 04 Jun 2023 at 22:00

According to operational data, in May, over 3 million tons were transshipped by the Danube ports. This is an absolute record for the ports of this region, as reported by the Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine.

"The development of the Danube cluster is one of the priority tasks of our enterprise. Currently, well-known international companies are investing in the development of port facilities and fleets on the Danube, allowing us to continuously increase the volume of exports and imports. This month, state and private stevedoring companies have broken their historical records. We have achieved such fruitful results thanks to the responsible and coordinated efforts of the business community, the team of the Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine, and the Ministry of Community Development, Territories, and Infrastructure of Ukraine," commented Yuriy Lytvyn, the head of the company.

Furthermore, the development of Danube cluster ports is a priority for our European partners – the European Commission, the Danube Commission in cooperation with the administration of the Lower Danube, the Romanian Ministry of Transport. They are addressing the issue of increasing the capacity of the Sulina Canal because the productive operation of the Danube region ports depends on it as well.


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