In Poltava, the legends of Ukrainian rock "Brothers of the Vipers" performed from the program "Let's go to war"

In Poltava, the legends of Ukrainian rock "Brothers of the Vipers" performed from the program "Let
In Poltava, the legends of Ukrainian rock "Brothers of the Vipers" performed from the program "Let's go to war" War is not everywhere 05 Jun 2023 at 10:30

On June 2nd, the legendary Ukrainian music band "Braty Hadyukiny" from Lviv is performing at the "Villa Krokodila" concert hall in Poltava. The musicians are presenting their album "Yde Nyni Voina" (War Is Happening Now), featuring songs dedicated to the recent Russian-Ukrainian war.

To provide some background, "Braty Hadyukiny" was formed in the summer of 1988. The new band performed a mix of rock, folk, punk, reggae, and other musical styles. In 1989, they were the second runners-up at the "Chervona Ruta" festival in Chernivtsi. In 1991, they released a new album called "My Khloptsia z Bandershtatu."

While recording the song "Yde Nyni Voina," the musicians aimed to spread ideas of peace and pacifism among their audience while not allowing people to forget the ongoing war in their country.

The concert in Poltava drew an audience of around a hundred people of various ages. Attendees included not only adults who likely listened to "Braty Hadyukiny" even before the dissolution of the Soviet Union but also many young people who came to listen to the legendary compositions of these ageless musicians.

In Poltava, "Braty Hadyukiny" had the opportunity to enjoy local hospitality and traditional Ukrainian dishes, including varenyky (dumplings).

However, the band's performance in Poltava is not just about enjoying local food and singing their legendary hits. Their concert performance is part of a charitable mission to raise funds to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Half of the proceeds from their concerts are donated to support Ukrainian military personnel.

The concert began with the title track of their album, "Yde Nyni Voina," and continued with a mix of both their classic and more contemporary hits. Songs like "Biĭ Baraban" (Beat the Drum), "Lienta za Lientoiu" (Ribbon after Ribbon), "Kokhana" (Beloved), "Ukraina," "Bandershtat," and many more were performed, bringing nostalgia to the audience.

Notably, the band dedicated their song "Zhaba" (Frog) to the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin. The lyrics contain the line: "Ene-bene-raba, dushyt Vovu zhaba!" (Ene-bene-raba, the frog is choking Vova!). Hopefully, the "frog" will successfully accomplish its task and finish the choking process.

The "Hadyukiny" also mentioned Russian occupants before performing the song "Narkomany" (Drug Addicts). They mentioned that Russian drug addicts intruded into their garden, cut down the poppy plants, but thanks to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, they are unlikely to return home.

During the war, all of Ukraine has transformed into one big "Bandershtat," allowing them to repel the enemy, push them away from the Ukrainian capital, and continue to de-occupy their lands.

The band initially considered "Bandershtat" as their native city, Lviv. Still, they later realized that the entire Ukraine had united and become patriotic.

As a special tribute to all the "Banders" in Poltava, the band performed the song "My Khloptsia iz Bandershtatu" (We Are Guys from Bandershtat).

The concert concluded with their legendary song "Faine Misto Ternopil" (The Great City of Ternopil). However, on this day, the band performed it slightly differently than usual, singing from the stage: "Dobyĭ, brodiaga p'iatku ta y poiĭdem v faine misto... Poltava! Faine misto Poltava!" (Get ready, wanderer, grab your backpack, and let's go to the great city... Poltava!)

This concert was not just a musical event but also a demonstration of solidarity and support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It allowed people of all ages to enjoy the timeless music of "Braty Hadyukiny" while contributing to a charitable cause.


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