"Zhadan and dogs" in Poltava they sang "I love this country!" and collected funds for the Armed Forces

"Zhadan and dogs" in Poltava they sang "I love this country!" and collected funds for the Armed Forces
"Zhadan and dogs" in Poltava they sang "I love this country!" and collected funds for the Armed Forces War is not everywhere 01 May 2023 at 18:00

Starting from April 7th, the concert hall 'Villa Crocodile' in Poltava has resumed its activities. It had been closed since February 24, 2022, the day of the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers in Ukraine. Prior to this recent concert at 'Villa Crocodile,' the winners of Eurovision, the band 'Kalush,' performed.

On April 27th, the well-known Kharkiv band 'Zhadan i Sobaky' (Zhadan and Dogs) performed at 'Villa Crocodile.' The band was founded in 2000 in Kharkiv under the name 'Sobaky v kosmosi' (Dogs in Space). They participated in various music festivals and began collaborating with Serhiy Zhadan in 2008. Later, the band changed its name to 'Zhadan i Sobaky.'

Since the start of the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers, the band has been actively touring in Ukraine and abroad, raising funds for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In January of this year, the band performed in several Ukrainian cities and raised half a million hryvnias for the military.

The tradition of collecting full houses at 'Zhadan i Sobaky' concerts was upheld in Poltava. Hundreds of spectators came to 'Villa Crocodile' to dance, sing along, and contribute money to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Thanks to the incredible synergy between the artists and the audience, the atmosphere at the concert was incredibly warm and, one might say, homely. Serhiy Zhadan read excerpts from his poems, cracked jokes, and reminisced about his first concerts in Poltava and the impressions they left. He consistently thanked the hospitable people of Poltava for their warm reception of the band from Kharkiv.

Most of the 'Zhadan i Sobaky' songs are known by their devoted fans by heart, so during songs like 'Avtazak' (Paddy Wagon), 'Malvy' (Mallows), or 'Madonna,' the audience not only jumped but also sang along.

However, there was also room for a more lyrical mood. During the romantic song 'Rika' (The River), practically everyone in the hall lit up their flashlights and sang it together with the performers.

At the end of the concert, there was the traditional charity auction to raise funds for the Ukrainian soldiers. At every one of their concerts, the artists remind everyone that we can attend concerts and live a relatively peaceful life only because of Ukrainian soldiers who hold the frontlines.

Such concerts bring double benefits – they boost the morale of Ukrainians and allow them not only to enjoy their favorite artists but also to contribute financially to bringing the Ukrainian Victory closer!


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