Two enemy targets were shot down in Cherkasy at night

Two enemy targets were shot down in Cherkasy at night
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Two enemy targets were shot down in Cherkasy at night Ukraine news 27 Aug 2023 at 09:28

During the night of August 27th, two enemy targets were successfully shot down in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine. There is no information available regarding casualties or damage caused by these interceptions. According to the head of the Cherkasy Regional Military Administration, Igor Taburets, the day began with an extended air raid alert. Ukrainian air defense forces were on high alert, monitoring the passage of Russian missiles over the territory. Preliminary reports indicate that two enemy targets were downed.

He further stated that there is currently no information about casualties or damage resulting from the enemy's air attack. According to the Ukrainian Air Force Command, this time the enemy launched cruise missiles from five aircraft of the Russian strategic aviation from Russian airspace. In total, Ukrainian Air Force units destroyed four cruise missiles in the central and northern regions.

The rest of the aerial targets are believed to be false alarms, and there have been no reports of their successful impact.

It's worth noting that earlier on August 26th, Russian forces carried out three artillery attacks on Nikopol in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

On August 25th, Russian invaders attacked the Odessa region twice during the night, launching a total of four missiles. However, Ukrainian air defense systems showed 100% effectiveness in intercepting and destroying all of these missiles.


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