In Odesa, the regional children's hospital to receive humanitarian aid from Spain

In Odesa, the regional children
In Odesa, the regional children's hospital to receive humanitarian aid from Spain Ukraine news 25 May 2023 at 09:00

During a working visit to the Spanish city of Valencia, Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain, Serhiy Pohoreltsev, met with representatives of the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of the Autonomous Community of Valencia. He was accompanied by Pablo Gila, Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Valencia. The ambassador also visited the logistics center of the non-governmental organization "Farmamundi" to discuss the dispatch of a new batch of medical products and medicines for the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. This information is reported on the website of the Odessa Regional Military Administration.

The organization "Farmamundi" supports various projects in Ukraine, with a priority focus on those related to medicine. After the full-scale invasion by Russian occupiers into Ukraine, "Farmamundi" sent 186 shipments of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, totaling 107 tons. The latest shipment for the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital was made possible through contributions from Grupo Dacsa, COF de Coruña, and Farmamundi.

"The people of Ukraine, in the conditions of war, continue to require humanitarian assistance. This is especially true for hospitals, such as the Odessa and Ivano-Frankivsk regional children's hospitals. The new supply that the residents of Odessa will receive consists of pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, diuretics, and many other essential and much-needed medical preparations. Hygienic products for dressing, stitching, catheters, and injection agents will also be included. I am convinced that the new shipment for our Ukrainian friends and partners will strengthen the hospital pharmacy of the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital," said Sara Valverde, President of the organization "Farmamundi."

In a previous update, we mentioned an event in Vinnytsia region where a day of hippotherapy and psychological relief was organized for children displaced due to the conflict.


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