From now on, Kateryna Yamshchykova is acting mayor of Poltava

From now on, Kateryna Yamshchykova is acting mayor of Poltava
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From now on, Kateryna Yamshchykova is acting mayor of Poltava Ukraine news 31 Jul 2023 at 14:00

Today, on July 31, Kateryna Yamshchykova, a deputy from the "Servant of the People" party, began to perform the duties of the mayor of Poltava. She replaced Andriy Karpov, a deputy from the "European Solidarity" party, in this position.

On July 28, during a session of the city council, the deputies dismissed Karpov due to improper performance of duties and elected Kateryna Yamshchykova as the new secretary. Today, the former secretary handed over the official seal to his successor.

"We are starting an eventful work week. I have been handed the official seal. I thank the executive committee for the work done. And I want to reiterate: the desire for one-person rule is definitely not about me. We will form a powerful team of professional managers and people who want and have the knowledge and skills to develop the city. Every step, every decision is made with Poltava in our hearts. Available 24/7," commented Kateryna Yamshchykova.

On the other hand, Andriy Karpov considers his suspension unlawful and intends to challenge it in court:

"I consider the decision of the extraordinary 38th session of the Poltava City Council to be illegal. I am handing over the official seal to the city council and signing the handover report under pressure. I see no point in keeping the seal in a situation where there is no response from law enforcement agencies to the crime. Next, I am preparing a lawsuit for the court."

It should be noted that Andriy Karpov was acting as the mayor of Poltava after Oleksandr Mamay was found guilty of embezzlement of property through abuse of office and official forgery.

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