Poltava volunteers purchased "Starlinks" for two units

Poltava volunteers purchased "Starlinks" for two units
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Poltava volunteers purchased "Starlinks" for two units Regions at war 06 Jul 2023 at 13:33

Volunteers from the "Poltava Battalion of Caring People" collected the necessary funds and purchased two "Starlink" satellite communication systems for the military. Funds for this were raised during the charity event "Blago Prostir" on the occasion of Ukraine's Constitution Day.

"Friends, heartfelt thanks to all of you for your donations! Today, the 'Poltava Battalion of Caring People' handed over 'Starlink' to one of the units of the National Guard of Ukraine. For me personally, this meeting was once again touching. Do you remember the story of the defender who is a descendant of the prior of the Holy Assumption Cathedral in Poltava? So, I was fortunate to meet Antin Demydenko, albeit briefly, but there was so much joy in this meeting. We are waiting for you, dear defenders, with faith, hope, and love!" - shared volunteer Yanina Barybina with this pleasant news.

It turned out that Antin's ancestor was the prior of the Holy Assumption Cathedral 50 years ago.

Antin's unit is currently serving in Luhansk, and another satellite communication system will be provided for the Zaporizhzhia direction.

Recall that on June 28, on Soborna Square in Poltava, volunteers from the "Poltava Battalion of Caring People" organized a series of events for Constitution Day, during which funds were raised for Ukraine's defenders.

The event featured the works of ethnophotographer Anna Senik, titled "Traditions of Poltava: Living Images." The exhibition was opened with a performance by the children's group of the folk singing vocal and choral studio "Dominus."

Volunteers conducted masterclasses on preparing traditional Ukrainian dishes, including a masterclass on making "kachana kasha." Ethno-fun activities awaited the children.

The Forum Theater "Without a Shirt," prepared by displaced persons from the cities in Ukraine that were destroyed by the aggressors, was also presented. Participants shared their emotions in beautiful monologues dedicated to their experiences.

The most funds were collected during thematic excursions titled "Stairs to Heaven." The first one was led by Metropolitan of Poltava and Kremenchuk Fedir, and the following two were led by Poltava tour guides. The excursions took place in the Holy Assumption Cathedral and on the bell tower of the temple complex. In particular, Bishop Fedir talked about the history of the Holy Assumption Cathedral and the "curiosities" of the cathedral iconostasis, which is one of the largest iconostases in Ukraine and the only one in our country with the state emblem intricately carved into it.

You can read a report from the bell tower by following this link: Looking at Poltava from the bell tower of the Assumption Cathedral: impressions from the first excursion.


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