Children killed by the Russians were honored in Vinnytsia

Children killed by the Russians were honored in Vinnytsia
Children killed by the Russians were honored in Vinnytsia Regions at war 04 Jun 2023 at 18:23

Today, the whole of Ukraine commemorates the memory of the children who died as a result of Russia's armed aggression. According to the Office of the Prosecutor General, as of June 4, 2023, a total of 485 children in Ukraine have died due to full-scale Russian armed aggression, 1,005 were wounded, and 1,490 were affected.

Among them were 4-year-old Liza Dmytrieva, 7-year-old Maksym Zhariy, and 8-year-old Kyrylo Pyakhin, who were victims of a barbaric rocket strike on Vinnytsia on July 14, 2022.

Liza was a special child with disabilities. On that fatal day, the girl was in a hurry with her mother for a speech therapy session. In one moment, the child's life was cut short, and her mother suffered severe injuries and an emotional wound that will never heal.

Maksym was with his mother at the epicenter of the attack at the "Neuromed" clinic. Both of them perished.

Kyrylo moved to Vinnytsia from Kherson with his family to escape the occupiers. On the morning of July 14, 2022, he and his uncle were in a car near the Officers' House when the boy effectively ended up in a fiery trap.

On June 4, Vinnytsia Region joined the All-Ukrainian "Voices of Children" campaign. This event is dedicated to the memory of little Ukrainians whose lives were taken by the war. It takes place on International Children's Day, honoring the innocent victims of aggression established by the United Nations General Assembly.

The participants laid flowers by the plane near the Officers' House on Victory Square. It became a symbolic place of mourning for those who died as a result of Russia's rocket strike on Vinnytsia. On July 14, 2022, Russia shelled Vinnytsia, and rockets hit Victory Square, where the Officers' House and the "Yuveliinyi" Community Center are located. Twenty-eight people were killed in the shelling, including three children: Liza, Maksym, and Kyrylo.

As part of the campaign, participants paid tribute to the victims of Russian aggression with a minute of silence and hung bells symbolizing the voices of the deceased children.

In Cherkasy, people also honored the memory of the deceased children.


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