20 tons of humanitarian aid was sent from Spain to Cherkasy

20 tons of humanitarian aid was sent from Spain to Cherkasy
20 tons of humanitarian aid was sent from Spain to Cherkasy Ukraine news 16 May 2023 at 20:12

The "Association of Ukrainians" from the Spanish city of Murcia has delivered 20 tons of humanitarian aid to Cherkasy. This marks the fourth such delivery of aid since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Vitaliy Ilyashenko, the head of the public organization "Lad," shared this information with the public.

Among the items in the cargo are children's food, preserves, juice, coffee, milk, and more.

"Also, there is jam, juice, coffee, milk, and preserves, among other items. These 20 tons of humanitarian aid have traveled over four thousand kilometers on the way to Cherkasy. We will distribute all of this to children, large families, internally displaced persons, children's hospitals, and military personnel. We will also send a portion of it to our Zaporizhia center and the front line in a few days."

The successful delivery of the cargo was made possible through donations from Ukrainians, including the collection of 50,000 hryvnias at a dance festival, as revealed by Victoria Sukhenko, the head of the regional branch of the Association of Contemporary and Variety Dance of Ukraine.

"We have a large and friendly dance association, our dance family, and we all understand how difficult it is for Ukrainians right now. So we do everything within our power," she mentioned.

In addition, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, surgical gowns, and disposable medical supplies were provided to Cherkasy Central District Hospital by the humanitarian hub "Cherkasy."

Also, Czech partners are planning to implement a pilot project to restore schools damaged by shelling in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.


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