"Coffee with the secretary of the city council": an outdoor reception of citizens took place in Poltava

"Coffee with the secretary of the city council": an outdoor reception of citizens took place in Poltava
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"Coffee with the secretary of the city council": an outdoor reception of citizens took place in Poltava Ukraine news 19 Aug 2023 at 18:04

On August 19, as part of the "City Workshop" initiative, residents of Poltava gathered at a parklet near the Central Department Store. They enjoyed coffee together and discussed issues that concern them, joined by the city council secretary, Kateryna Yamshchykova.

One of the most pressing topics raised by Poltava residents on Saturday morning was the issue of honoring heroes, defenders, and protection for veterans and their rehabilitation. They also discussed housing for military personnel and access to the cemetery in the village of Zaturyne, which is about 3 kilometers away from the nearest public transportation stop.

Currently, over 150 fallen defenders are buried at the Zaturyne cemetery, but the sector lacks infrastructure. The city has developed a project for the improvement of the area and promised to implement it by the end of the summer, although no work has started as of now.

"There's a feeling that Poltava has forgotten that we are at war. We must honor our heroes properly because we are here thanks to them. If it's a minute of silence, it should be a minute of silence, not the sound of music in cafes. Poltava will establish the Department for Veterans and their Families. Together with them, we will develop the department's activities and further steps to assist the families of military personnel and the fallen. More Poltava residents should be involved in bidding farewell to our heroes. We might announce it more widely and ask entrepreneurs to let their employees off work during those hours. Today, this is the number one issue, and we need to help both the military and the families of the fallen," Kateryna Yamshchykova noted.

During the meeting, they also discussed road repairs, sidewalks, elevators, shelters, entrances, the installation of benches, and the preservation of cultural heritage. Special attention was given to the work of communal services, with complaints about "Poltavavodokanal," "Poltavagaz," "Poltavateploenergo," utility prices, business support, and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Kateryna Yamshchykova mentioned that they plan to increase the number of days for receiving citizens. Currently, the personal reception of citizens by the city council secretary takes place every Friday, and appointments can be made by calling 52-59-10.
It's worth noting that Kateryna Yamshchykova served as a combat medic in the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the beginning of the full-scale invasion, providing medical aid to soldiers. On July 28, during a session of the city council, the deputies removed the then-secretary of the Poltava City Council, Andriy Karpov, from his position due to inadequate performance of his duties and elected Kateryna Yamshchykova as the new secretary. On July 31, the former secretary handed over the seal to his successor.

On August 17, blogger and deputy of the Poltava City Council, Andriy Karpov, filed a lawsuit, demanding to reinstate him in his position and compensate for the money he should have received during his suspension.

Additionally, former Mayor of Poltava, Oleksandr Mamai, received a court verdict in a case involving housewives who were cleaning his residence while receiving salaries from the city budget. This happened on March 2. Afterward, the city council secretary began to perform the duties of the mayor as an acting mayor.


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