May 8. Results of the day

May 8th. Summary of the day
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May 8th. Summary of the day Results of the day 08 May 2023 at 21:00

The four hundred and thirty-ninth day of large-scale armed aggression by the Russian Federation against our state continues. Let's briefly summarize the day that has passed.

The Russian Federation continues its expansionist war. Despite significant losses, it does not give up plans for the occupation of our territory. It strikes and shells both military and civilian objects, as reported by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During this day, the enemy launched 11 missile strikes, 59 aviation strikes, and conducted 76 shelling attacks from multiple launch rocket systems. Civilians have suffered, and private residential houses and other civilian infrastructure have been destroyed and damaged.

Law enforcement officers in the Dnipropetrovsk region detained a man who promised to help individuals illegally leave the country with a volunteer ID for $4,000.

The Security Service has gathered irrefutable evidence of guilt against another agent of the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (commonly known as GRU). The perpetrator collected intelligence on the locations and movements of Ukrainian Armed Forces in Vinnytsia region.

On the night of Monday, May 8, 2023, Russian occupiers attacked the Odessa region. Enemy X-22 missiles hit a warehouse and the coastline, causing fires.

In Kropyvnytskyi dendrological park, three million nine hundred thousand tulips have bloomed. This year, designers have created twelve thematic compositions using over a hundred varieties of tulips. And for the blooming season, hundreds of tourists from different parts of the country visit Kropyvnytskyi to take vibrant photos and enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

In Odessa, a man who posed as a recruitment center official was arrested for receiving a $2,500 bribe to provide documents for crossing the border.

Tragedies occurred on May 7 in the villages of Zhadani and Borysivka of the Illinetska municipal community. Private houses were on fire, and three people died.

On May 8, at five in the morning, the police received a report of a body with injuries found on the city beach in the May 1st Park.

The body of a 63-year-old resident of Horodysche was discovered in a building after the fire was extinguished. During the examination of the victim, stab wounds were found.

The Prosecutor's Office has initiated an investigation into violations of laws and customs of war following a Russian missile strike on the night of May 8 in the Odessa and Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi districts.

A 32-year-old resident of Podilskyi district in Odessa was detained by the police on suspicion of murdering his civilian partner.

Pediatrician Yana Alexandrova from the city of Berislav, Kherson region, was forced to leave her home and seek refuge and a new life in safer regions of Ukraine on the first day of full-scale war. Now, she works at a primary care center in Kirovohrad region.

In Kirovohrad region, African swine fever was detected in the territory of the Novhorodkivska territorial community in the private farm "Garant." Infected animals were found in the village of Verbkliuzhka.


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